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Bickleygate Holsteins are housed at New Sheepfold Farm located near the village of Great Ayton within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park .

The herd consists of 240 milkers with approx 150 followers

The cows are split into two milking groups with 60 cows milked through a Lely robot and 160+ through a 16/16 parlour.

The diet consists of grazed grass in the summer with concentrates fed in and out of the parlour. During the winter months (October-May) the cows are housed in cubicles and are fed on grass silage. No TMR or straights are fed.


Bickleygate Iota Papoose VG86 2yr

The breeding and management focus is on profitable milk production from long lasting good looking cows.




bickleygate premium gremlin P RED

Bickleygate Premium Gremlin P red (polled)


Over the last six years the polled gene has been successfully introduced to a number of our top cow families.